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From A to Izzard

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From A to Izzard is an old phrase similar to our present day “From A to Z”. In the 1750s the letter z had three different pronunciations depending if you were British, Scottish or American. If you were from Britain, Z was pronounced “zed.” In Scotland they said “ezed,” and in America it was called “zee.” In 1755, English lexicographer Samuel Johnson was working on explaining the sound of the letter z. In his classic Dictionary of the English Language, Samuel used the word “izzard” to better explain how to pronounce z. It was from this 250-year-old explanation that the phrase from “A to izzard” was started. It means from beginning to end, or from a to z. At Izzard Ink Publishing that is what we do for authors—Anything from A to Izzard, and everything in between. We have searched for the best people for every step of the publishing process to give authors the best help available. These experts have proven publishing experience that we make available to help you complete your project. Izzard Ink also helps authors create their own brand and support that with website design dedicated to the work that authors do. It’s all part of our world-class A to Izzard experience. Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/izzard

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