Author Kevin Kehoe had the right mindset from the start; he knew he wanted to work with experienced professionals and rely on their guidance to shape the project. As the author, he brought ideas, stories, and experiences to share with the world—he was ready to get help from professionals to turn this into a top-notch book. Kevin would listen to each proposal and ask in-depth questions to understand why it was the best path forward. The focus was on quality content, as well as having fun and enjoying the publishing process.

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We started off with our manuscript assessment, to plot out the book’s editing needs and the best way forward for the manuscript. We found a ton of potential in Kevin’s conversational writing style, noteworthy and interesting background, and life insights. We also found room for improvement in keeping the tone consistent, and in smoothing out sentences and minor errors through copyediting and proofreading.

We ultimately enlisted the help of a developmental editor, line editor, and proofreader. With the help of our editing team, we found ways to make the book more concise and clarify certain passages and language, to help Kevin’s amazing stories stand out. All along the way, Kevin asked questions so he could understand the editor’s comments and to make the right changes where warranted.


The author had previously worked with a cover designer already affiliated with Izzard Ink to craft the cover design, so by the time editing was done, only a few minor tweaks were needed for the cover to be press ready.

Kevin takes you on a page turning journey of his life and adventures. What he’s learned along the way he shares with a kind of wit and wisdom that will inspire you and maybe even change your life.

You will laugh, cry and you may feel like some of his stories are your stories.


The book is a combination of memoir/autobiography and inspiration/self-help, which is a difficult genre for PR and media outlets to work with.

However, there is a business angle in the book drawing on the author’s experience in the business world, and with the help of a publicist, we were able to leverage that to help obtain coverage for the book.

Accomplishment Overview

  • The author and book earned a cover article for magazine;

  • Various nationally syndicated radio shows and regional radio shows in areas such as Chicago and St. Louis;

  • Podcast with over one million downloads and ranked as a top business podcast by national media.

Kevin R. Kehoe

“For a first-time author, Izzard Ink Publishing was a godsend. Bringing a book to market is not an easy task, as there are many steps required to do it right. There is content feedback, editing, and proofreading … and this is just the beginning of the project. Then there is marketing—website creation and development—and of course, public relations expertise to make all the right contacts, to get the book into the hands of people who can help the author sell his book.

Izzard was there every step of the way for me. As a result, I have published a book. Yes, there is an investment, but compared to the traditional channels of shopping your book to the big guys and getting rejected, you the author, get to control that process—and Izzard has the expertise and talent to make it happen. Thanks to Tim and his team.”

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