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Pitfalls Of “Doing It All”

Photo of Airplane
I hunkered down in my seat knowing that for the next seven hours that I could not move. As we departed Honolulu the flight attendant said please pay attention to the safety video. It is hard to comprehend why every time an airplane safety demonstration is given I tune out. My mind started to recall the countless take off and landings I have been on. Somehow the next logical subject was comparing how flying used to be. Fifteen years ago the seats used to be comfortable now my knees are in the back of the person sitting in the row ahead of me. Likely, the poor person in the seat in front of me took ibuprofen to counter-act knees being placed in their kidneys. The airlines companies are doing everything possible to save a few dollars. This caused me to think: How would I start up my own airline to save the most amount of money? Easy. I would do everything myself. I would enroll and take up pilot lessons. It takes at least 4 years to become a professional commercial pilot. [1] An additional 300 hours of training would be needed to qualify as a flight attendant. [2] Then how is the plane repaired? To be a certified airplane mechanic that can take almost 3 more years to complete the training. [3] Then what about the time and training it takes to learn how to book a ticket, answer customer service questions repair runway potholes, plot air traffic control routes, and make sure luggage arrives? Is it even possible to have a one-person airline? If it were possible would you trust the airline? Could the same person be qualified and passionate about every different job? Probably not. Self-published authors really are at a disadvantage. How can they do everything needed from editing, design, layout, marketing, distribution and even audiobook creation? Having one person run an airline would have a hard time taking off but yet we expect self-published authors to do everything connected to book publishing. Why do we think that way? The best self-publish authors realize they are good at writing but it takes a team to pull together a best-selling book. I cannot tell you how many designers, audiobook narrators and marketers say they would never write a book but they can sure design sell and narrated best-selling novels. Take a serious look at your strengthens and weaknesses. Realize that it takes a lot of training and time to be a professional in multiple areas. Then hire the best people in publishing to fill those gaps to give your book the best chance of success.
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