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Book Marketing Know-How

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For many authors, it may come as a rude awakening that it takes so much more than great writing to sell a book. If you don’t manage to create demand for your book, all your other efforts in distribution, design, even writing and editing, risk going to waste. Before you’ve finished writing your book, you should have an idea of what your book marketing plan will look like.

It’s important to use proven, time-tested book marketing strategies, which have the potential to tap into vast networks of potential readers.  The internet, which has enabled self-publishers to gain a foothold in the industry, also holds all kinds of tools for book marketing and promotion. If you want to have a bestseller, that’s where the input of seasoned experts becomes so important.

Publicists and PR and marketing experts offer specialized expertise, allowing you to take advantage of the same time-tested strategies traditional publishers have used for decades, as well as new ones tailored to the world of eBooks and internet publishing. Izzard book marketing services will help you easily gather all this expertise, tailored to your choices and specific audience.

Use Existing Platforms

Many traditional public relations and marketing tools are still powerful approaches even in the digital era.

Particularly if you have an established platform, speaking events or a book tour can help to attract the attention of a new audience. Book events at small, independent bookstores can also raise the profile of an author just starting out. Earning traditional media coverage can be a competitive enterprise, but one that can make a strong impression on a lot of potential readers at once.

A publicist can be of great help here since the kind of persistence necessary can be time-consuming, especially with TV or Radio advertising. Also consider whether local organizations, like a church or chamber of commerce, might be interested in helping with book promotion if your content is relevant.

Social Media Book Marketing

These days, there are many approaches fueled by the internet, digital media, and social media. It’s hard to overstate the value of a well-thought-out social media campaign for new authors.

While it’s best to approach this as a long-term project to gradually build interest rather than short-term pitches to immediately generate sales, it’s a great way to get on people’s radar and can fuel other marketing efforts like giveaways, sales, and events – and provides a way to get feedback from your audience!

Blogs And Websites

Similarly, blogging for other websites and relevant blogs can help connect you to the right audience. Like most marketing, this is a matter of understanding your target audience and where to find them on the internet. A guest blog post, or even active participation and commenting on blogs with potential readers, can drum up an audience. Creating a blog of your own can also help you build a mailing list.

An author website can act as a central hub for readers to learn more about you and to explore your other work if this isn’t your first book. Similarly, be sure to work on your Amazon Author Central page, which can serve a similar function.

Book Reviews Are A Must

Getting reviews for online sales is key. Apple and Audible offer codes for giving your book away to potential reviewers. When it comes to Amazon, certain practices are not allowed, like paying readers to leave a review or swapping reviews with other authors. However, you can establish a launch team to review your book as soon as it goes live.

This process needs to start early, by contacting and generating interest among top reviewers, bloggers, and readers in your niche. Social media is great for generating interest ahead of time, and an email list will allow you to maintain contact with your launch team through the launch. Experts can help here too!

Getting at least 30, ideally 40 to 50, honest Amazon reviews will go a long way, and can boost the effectiveness of Amazon ads.

However, all of the above marketing strategies rely on your ability to identify your specific audience – who will be interested in reading your book? What books are they reading now? What websites do they use?

Create Your Brand

Early on, you should identify your USP, or unique selling point – even while still writing or planning your book. With the democratization of publishing and a veritable torrent of self-published work hitting the market every year, you need to identify what it is that you are offering readers that other authors do not.

This can be in terms of original content or story, your own personal experiences, expertise, or a unique style of writing. The point is to make sure you give readers a reason to read your book instead of any other. Ideally, you will give this some consideration before even writing your book.

Track sales to see which marketing and promotions are working for your book. Spend time on what works, and don’t waste your efforts on strategies that aren’t proving effective. Experts will help you concentrate on the decisions you need to make as an author, instead of the daily work of marketing and promotion, which can quickly become time – and energy – consuming.

Experienced professionals will also know what is the best use of time and resources for your particular book. That way, you can be an expert on writing your book, and let other professionals help reach your audience.

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