How To Publish A Book

how to publish a book
There’s No Self-Publishing Magic

Learning how to publish a book as a self publisher brings into focus the need to have a step-by-step road map to follow.

You are wanting to be a published author.

  • You have a great idea for a book but where do you start?
  • What are the steps you need to take to complete your book?
  • How you are going to sell your book?

How To Publish A Book In 10 Steps

Step 1- Complete Manuscript Rough Draft

This is one of the toughest steps of publishing your own book. It is not uncommon to take months to years to complete a manuscript. While you are working on development of your manuscript it is a good idea to see the input from experienced readers. Ask questions to see if your goals for your book are being met.

Step 2- Copy and Content Editing

Find a professional and experienced copy and content editor. Nothing is worse that a book being full of plot holes and grammatical errors.

Step 3- Complete Manuscript Final Draft

Take into consideration the critiques of the editor. Before you make your final changes this is an opportunity to seek feedback on how to publish a book that people enjoy reading.

Step 4- Five Professional Reviews

To give your book the best chance of success get five strong professional reviews. These reviews should be displayed on the back cover of your book. These reviews should be listed on retailer’s websites. To find reviews search out organizations that match the genre of your book. Also, do not forget to look at your own professional and personal connections.

Step 5- Cover Design and Layout

book coverYou have the content down for your book. But does the cover pass the seven-second test? Will a reader pick up your book?

Pick an experienced cover designer with proven experience. Do not just pick any graphic designer.

Design and layout really matters. If your book has illustrations, you may need the services of a professional book illustrator.

Step 6- Distribution

Distribution is key. You need to have your book ready for purchase in as many stores as possible. Most booksellers will not sell a book unless they can order the title from a major distributor. Today this means more than a brick and mortar store.

Distributors like Amazon, Apple, and Google are becoming big players. You need to know how to publish a book for these marketing opportunities as well for your niche. Writing a Christian book? How do you get it included in CBC (Christian Book Distributors)?

Step 7- Gather Additional Reviews

Now you need to build reviews on the major websites such as Amazon, iBook’s, Goodreads and others. One way to build reviews is find a few local books clubs and offer free copies of your book for reviews.

Step 8- Marketing and PR

Find a public relations firm to help promote you as an author along with your book. See if you can go a few local radio segments to talk about your book. Consider print advertising to your target market. Use pay-per-click internet ads using an online marketing specialist who knows how to publish a book because they’ve done it themselves.

Step 9- Local Bookstores

Seek out local bookstores. Ask if they would be interested in carrying your book. It would be a good idea to see if they would be open to a book signing. If you have a great fan base this could be profitable for the bookseller. Build in a good profit margin for the retailer as an incentive.

Step 10- Don’t Give Up

This is the most important step. We have seen books take a few years before they have caught fire. Do not give up. You never know when your big break will come. It is up to you to always be prepared for it.

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  1. Kate Illum says:

    I have a thesis I need hard bound. Requirements:
    You will need to have two (2) HARDBOUND COPIES made. Print them single-sided DO NOT print them two-sided. It cannot be spiral bound or bound with a soft cover, it must be hardbound with a dark blue or black cover (like a hardbound book) with your cover sheet attached (glued on with adhesive paper that the printer can provide) in white to the front. The cover sheet should include the title and then your name under it and the name of the school under that – ALL CENTERED.

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