book promotionBook promotion begins with the understanding that you need to find your USP (unique selling point). With books being easier to publish and more self-published authors jumping into the mix how will your book stand out?

Where do you start?

Author & Book Promotion Go Hand-in-Hand

Many of the big publishers give authors a small budget to promote their book and expect them to pay the rest. The rational is the authors are not only advertising the book but also themselves. Who knows when a national radio appearance will lead to a paid speaking engagement?

If you are a published or self-published author Izzard Ink Publishing can help your book promotion. Here are some things to consider.

Promote Yourself As An Author

Create a website were readers can go to find more information about you. Include on your site a place for all of your books to be easily accessed. You might consider an ecommerce bookstore.

Think about how to brand yourself as an author.

  • Do you want a logo?
  • What about stationary such as a business card that sets you apart from other authors?
  • Have you thought about creating social media pages with custom cover art?

Izzard Ink can work with you to create a custom logo and different stationary and social media designs.

Spend some of tour book promotion efforts on your Amazon Author Central page. Make sure you provide as much information as you can. This is a great way to promote you as an author. Think about adding videos about you or your books. Keep your fans aware of the different events you can to attend.

Book Promotion Ideas

Once your foundation is setup, here are some book promotion ideas:

  • Attend trade shows and conferences to network with others.
  • Be willing to help other authors out.
  • Look for ways to get your book reviewed.
  • With Apple and Audible you have access to give away free codes if people agree to review your book. This is one of the best marketing tools you can have. We have authors post on their social media these offers and fans love it. When readers go to look on-line for your book you ideally want more than 30 honest reviews.
  • As you attend trade shows and book signings you can work with Izzard Ink to create custom bookmarks, posters and even a press kit for your book.
  • Many authors just run Facebook ads. Over the past two years we have seen their effectiveness erode. Have you thought about running an ad with different search engines?
  • What about a print ad in a publication that is aligned with your book?
  • Another option is to place an ad in the Ingram Distribution catalog that goes out to all of their bookstores.
  • Create a YouTube channel and post 3-5 minute videos about the author as well as the book. We have even created videos using audiobook clips to help promote books.

Develop your marketing plan at least a few months in advance. Izzard Ink is here to help you along the way to promote your book and you as an author.

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