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Publish Book Covers

Meeting with a designer
Publish book covers that will add value to your product. Graphic designers are everywhere.
  • How do you know that you have picked the correct designer for your book cover?
  • What is the difference between a low-cost designer and a professional designer with years of experience at Big 5 publishing houses such as Random House?
Izzard Ink Publishing wanted to figure this out.

Publish Book Covers

We secured a graphic designer for $300 to design a paperback cover. This fee included one cover concept and no revisions. We either loved it or we had to pay $50 an hour to have the designer make the changes. The designer asked for just a description of the book that was 150 words. In less than 6 hours the designer got back to us with the cover. We were shocked as the cover was designed for young women ages 11-14. It totally missed the target demographic of the male and female demographic of fourteen hers old and above. With a little more research that fact would have been very apparent. How does an Izzard Ink cover designer create a cover? First, the designer likes to read the reviews, the summary, even the proposal. They will also look at key plots, key points and key sections to the book. The designer likes to read the first chapter and a chapter near the middle, and the last chapter. Furthermore, sometimes authors share with the designer specific passages of the book as it helps to develop a clear understanding of symbolism as well as a statement the book is making. The next step involves imagery research. The book cover designer searches for royalty-free images that can then use for the cover. If a free photo does not fit the overall design then Izzard Ink uses about ten different stock photo sites. The price ranges vary and the designer chooses the sites based on budgets. Izzard Ink wants this process to be as stress-free for the author as possible. It is important that the cover image goes with your book and not just something that looks good. The author is then shown the images and cover concepts before moving forward and creating the final design layout. At Izzard Ink we offer up to three concepts and three minor revisions with each cover package. It is our goal to get feedback early in the process from the author. There is an open line of communication with the author the entire time before the final design is complete. Finally, the design layout is put together in Photoshop and InDesign. There are major differences in going with an experienced cover designer over just any graphic designer. Bookstore owners know this and they prefer to put works of art of the shelf. As an author, you should take great pride in your book. The cover is an extension of everything inside. Great book covers compel people to buy and read your book.

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