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How to Find a Book Editor

'how to find a book editor'
  1. The Most Gifted Authors Have Editors

Even the most famous authors work with editors. Understanding the value of getting a different point of view helps your book become that much better.
  1. Type of Editing

What type of editing are you looking for? If you are a newly self-published author it is highly recommended that you not only have a proofreader but also a content editor. Having your book edited for content will help uncover missing points or inaccuracies.
  1. Experienced Editor

Making sure that your manuscript has quality content will be key for your overall success as an editor. How do you find an experience editor? Izzard Ink can help. There are many websites available to find freelance editors but this may not be the best way to move forward. A better approach is to find an experienced, proven editor that has edited books that you like. These editors are more expensive but they can provide input that only years of experience in the publishing industry can otherwise offer.

How to Find a Book Editor

What is the editor’s style? Before coming to us for help, one of our clients asked for help from an editor who has an extensive young adult novel background. Our client had a rather complex subject she was addressing and worked hard to simplify it and make it reader friendly. She used AP (Associated Press) style and a personal writing style that was easy and fun to read. When the editor obtained the manuscript, he didn’t like that violation of the rules and changed it to a more formal style, creating friction between author and editor. Afterwards, she came to us and we helped her find a better match. Does AP or Chicago Style matter? There are some differences that become obvious such as spelling out numbers or how to use abbreviations or dashes. But a not-so-obvious difference is in text flow.

AP Style

Major newspapers and magazines use AP style. This is more forgiving and seeks brevity. This style encourages fewer words and shortcuts whenever possible.

Chicago Style

Technical writers usually choose Chicago style. It is more formal in some aspects, follows rules that don’t yield, and removes ambiguity that an author might inject with jargon, slang and brevity. How to find a book editor with the style that best fits your book? Ask Izzard, we’ll give you our recommendation.
  1. Investigate References

Get a list of references from the editor and talk to their clients to see what they have said. Is the editor patient and easy to work with? Find out if the editor really cares about making sure you have the best content, or accepts your work more for reasons of income than improving the writing in your book.
  1. The Trial Edit

Finding a good editor is much like dating. You are not even going to approach the subject of marriage before you’ve had the first date, right? Go on a date with your editor and get a trial edit of the first chapter. Reputable editors understand the importance of a trial edit and it is worth the expense to make sure you and your editor are on the same page. Remember that you are in charge of your book and you do not have to make every change the editor suggests. Unlike a major publishing company, you still have your voice.

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