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Free Book Publishing Software

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Free Book Publishing Software

Several options and choices are available for authors and self-publishers when it comes to choosing the right free book publishing software. In today’s competitive digital world, authors are rethinking their approach to publishing and new opportunities seem to be open up to self-publishers every day. Consequently, many authors have taken ownership of publishing their book.

The Word Processor

One of the most popular tools for writers is the humble Word Processor. Most people use MS Word, and we also have the free open source Open Office variants that allow users to modify and create Word files. Other choices include Apple’s Pages, Storyist and Scrivener which are being used globally. The options to output book pages may be severely limited in Word processor software, and there is no support for advanced formatting, multiple output generation or many other advanced functions needed for certain kinds of books. There are many tools available for writers wanting to turn their talent into tangible books. Most of these tools have intuitive features that support and enhance the creativity thus fulfilling authoring expectations. The team at Izzard Ink appreciates & guides Indie publishers and writers in streamlining and enhancing their self-publishing activities. Here we have listed some of the versatile free book publishing software and apps available.


FocusWriter is a free word processor uniquely designed to help creative writers put their ideas to paper. FocusWriter’s interface is very clean, with only a central blank page that helps you to track your work progress at any instance. This software is available for Linux, Windows and OS X and allows you to customize the way your text appears on screen while tracking your progress.


A distraction free software package to materialize your ideas. WriteMonkey’s text-editing interface enables you to format, annotate, classify and link as you type with minimum fuss.


LibreOffice is an offshoot from Open Office. It has many of the power features of Word and is absolutely free. There are free available templates for all kinds of content that could be used by the writers to sharpen their creativity. This software features exceptional user interface to support all level of users.


Scribus is a highly-rated, free open source desktop publishing application for Linux, OS X and Windows. It is capable of producing magazines with the look and feel that one can expect from Adobe’s InDesign. Scribus has everything you need to create a great looking document ready for publishing. There are many options out there for free book publishing software. If you are after innovative ideas from Team Izzard Ink’s publishing services, then get in touch today for a free consultation.

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