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Welcome to Izzard Ink Publishing, where personalized book publishing services are just the beginning. Here, we don't just offer book publishing services - we build long-term relationships. We selectively partner with authors and projects that we are passionate about and hold the potential for extraordinary outcomes, requiring joint dedication and effort.

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Manuscript Assessment

Embark on your publishing journey with our manuscript assessment and action plan, an essential facet of our book publishing services. With an initial fee of $595, a duo of expert editors with major publishing experience delves into up to 7,000 words (additional word count extra) of your manuscript across three weeks. They'll offer targeted feedback and actionable recommendations, which includes a solutions-focused "tough love" session with our lead editor. Beyond this, you'll benefit from a detailed analysis of your manuscript's tone and writing quality from Izzard's advanced AI assessment. It's the initial stride in our personalized approach to book publishing.

Most authors begin with our comprehensive manuscript assessment and action plan. This critical first step of "tough love" lets us plot the course, ensuring your book is on the right path while instilling confidence in our authors. Coupled with our supportive publishing team and focus on solutions and personal growth, this is part of our secret sauce in how Izzard Ink turns ordinary writers into extraordinary authors.

Get a Plan Manuscript Assessment in a Nutshell

Actionable Feedback

Detailed enough to revise on your own, or bring to another editor–useful even if you’re not sure about publishing with Izzard Ink.

Professional Advice

The first chance for many authors to receive feedback from experienced publishing professionals, before making the larger investment and commitment to publish.

Specific Examples

Specific examples and recommendations from within the text, to help improve your writing.

AI Empowered

Sophisticated AI manuscript assessment using our proprietary software.

1-on-1 Meetings

1-on-1, 30-minute meeting with our lead editor to review the findings and discuss an Action Plan.

Action Plan Document

To map goals, flag issues, consider your audience, and plot a path to success.

SEO Ready

Action Plan includes our research to find optimal SEO keywords and BISAC categories for marketing.

Unique Pathways in Book Publishing Services

In the realm of book publishing services, investing in a manuscript assessment can be a game changer. It is a way for an author to test the waters before a larger investment and answer the fundamental question: "What is needed for my manuscript to be published?" For some, refining the manuscript with a seasoned writing coach might be the best route. For others, if the manuscript assessment points to a clear pathway toward publishing a high-quality book, and we've developed an action plan in collaboration with the author, moving straight to editing could be the ideal next step. Let's find out the next steps for your manuscript.

Post-Assessment Editing in Book Publishing Services

With your manuscript assessment wrapped up, you'll gain clarity on the editing your book requires and why, which is an essential part of our book publishing services. The process might involve a light copy edit that sharpens sentence-level language or a thorough developmental edit that examines structure, plot, content, and characters.

Most authors should anticipate setting aside $5,000 to $10,000 for developmental and line/copy editing. Be prepared to spend one to three months refining your manuscript in collaboration with the dedicated Izzard Ink team. Crafting a masterpiece takes time, but with our expert guidance, you'll see your book reach its fullest potential.

Get Polished Editing in a Nutshell

Experienced Editors

Editors with years, and often decades, of major publishing experience.

Tailored Know-how

Knowledgeable in your book’s genre and audience.

Multiple Options

Choose your editor from up to three options.

Project Management

Worry-free project management.

All About Your Vision

Dialogue with editor to clarify your vision.


Several rounds of changes and comments.

Action Plan

Action Plan keeps editors focused on your goals.

Above & Beyond

Once they’ve worked with your book, editors can help with other parts of the process, such as marketing.

Once you’re comfortable and satisfied with the content, and your vision is coming together with seasoned professional feedback, it’s time to move to publishing.

Get Ink’d

Starting at $10k, our Get Ink’d Package includes everything you need to get your edited manuscript published.*

Go through the included services in detail.

*Packages available for specific genres, such as cookbooks starting at $15k, and children’s books at $8k plus the cost of illustrations.

Included Services

Once you’ve mapped out a plan to publish, you’ll have the chance to meet with PR experts for a consultation. They can help determine what further marketing steps would be most helpful to reach your particular audience. A few options are available to suit different budgets and goals.

Amplified Marketing Services in Book Publishing

Beyond the fundamental marketing services included in our Get Ink'd Package, some authors may find enhanced marketing support beneficial. As part of our expansive book publishing services, the Get Ink'd Package includes a marketing consultation where we assess your project, provide insightful recommendations, and determine whether a PR campaign could add value to your book's promotion.

If you embark on a PR campaign, full-time services start at $4,800 monthly, (3-month minimum) with part-time options sometimes available. Additionally, we cater to authors interested in radio campaigns, which start at $1,500 per month.*

*Do note that publicists are selective, taking on only those books for a PR campaign they believe have the highest chance of success. Consequently, media placement isn't guaranteed in PR campaigns.

Get Out There Marketing Options in a Nutshell

Book Reviews

Print and Online Media

Radio Opportunities

Media Training

TV Opportunities

Guest Blogs

Regular Status Reports

The Press Run Journey

We provide high-quality press-run services for visually captivating books like art compilations, coffee-table displays, and children's literature. Our book publishing services utilize top-tier overseas printers, and we also offer competitive US-based printing options. Prices vary depending on the book's specifications, including size, paper type, color, etc.

Given the base cost of setting up a press run, the starting price is typically around $10,000. However, the per-book cost decreases with larger volumes. That's why press runs usually aren't recommended for less than 500 to 1,000 copies, and they become increasingly cost-effective with higher volumes. For print runs, it's important to note that a third-party distributor must accept books to manage inventory and distribution effectively.

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