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3 Tips for Book Internet Marketing

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Harnessing the Power of Book Internet Marketing

Thanks to the digital shift, the book industry is facing radical changes leading to a pronounced decrease in worldwide, traditional media purchases. Today, the biggest challenge faced by the book publishers —especially new self-publishers — is identifying the right type of marketing efforts to put in. Luckily, due to the power of the internet, book internet marketing is a game changing mechanism that helps to redefine one’s target market, rethink traditional marketing strategies and connect with specific audiences.

Getting Your Book Internet Marketing Plan Started

To make the most of a digital impact, Book publishers now integrate more with the digital experts to create e-Books which are more appealing to readers. Publishers also consult advertising and digital marketing companies who have mastered the art of delivering and implementing unique online digital marketing strategies and seek online e-Book sellers to sell / market their content online. A strong web presence coupled with creative online marketing methods helps in creating customized marketing campaigns that reach targeted audiences quickly and effectively. To start with the online marketing process for your Book / Content, Digital Marketers like us will perform a competitive analysis and develop marketing strategies that will upstream your book’s exposure. The objective of these High-end strategies is to understand reader’s needs and guide them toward a purchase decision leading to either a dedicated book site or the author’s site.


Having your very own book website is still one of the best and most cost-effective means to pull in potential readers. It also helps book lovers to learn more about you and your book, thus creating a lingering bond with the reader. You can also build your community for years to come and make your products easily available for purchase by turning your website into a virtual store. Your readers can subscribe to your future articles via email and receive push notifications that delight them.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one strategic process of drawing internet traffic to either a dedicated book site, or that of the author in a Google dominated internet world. Back-linking is another important concept in the SEO process which helps in getting better search engine rankings organically. The objective is to create and develop links to individual posts/pages that redirect the user / reader to your website’s homepage.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an informal, friendlier way to connect with your readers and talk about yourself and your books. Posting helpful, interesting and valuable information on the top social media platforms coupled with images and great headlines make a huge difference in getting your posts liked, shared and read thus increasing the customer conversion rate. These are 3 top strategies for book internet marketing that has given tangible results over the years.

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