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Alright, okay, enough banter, prattle, and ribbing. Let me explain.

First of all, yes, that’s me looking rather dapper, smiling behind those stylish spectacles … in a vest … with a red tie … and three toes on each foot like some Loch Ness monster.

But have you ever seen a lizard with a smile like mine? Let me tell you my secret—two words: cosmetic dentistry.

I’m actually very famous. You’ve heard my name jabbered about here to there, over the years.

Whenever somebody says “A-to-Z,” that’s me who they’re talking about, that’s my name! “A-to-Z”—that means all things from the very first to the very last, and everything in-between. A lot people still call me “A-to-Z,” but my friends all call me “Z.” It’s easier that way.

I have a simple but direct job. I’m your official guide for all things publishing, from “A-to-Z” (get it? … nobody ever laughs at that.)

My curriculum vitae is, by anyone’s standard, extremely impressive.

I can list among my clients a number of best-selling authors, self-styled authors, corporate authors, screen-writing authors, and even a few dead authors.

Fiction, factual, historical, hysterical, hearable, viewable, watchable, I’ve done them all.

But I’m not here to brag. Basking in the limelight of another’s success does nothing for you.

Except, maybe, to show you there’s a process to self-publishing that improves chances of success. A process most people don’t know about.

That’s my job.

To alert you, inform you, convince you, and guide you through the same steps that all the big publishers have honed to an art, so that you too can benefit without losing control over your project. It is— well, you know—it is everything from “A-to-Z.”

That’s what Z does, and I love doing it.

Look for me throughout all of Izzard Ink’s publishing materials: the website, marketing, correspondence, margin notes, Christmas cards and favorite recipes.

I’ll be appearing later in an app, as an emoji—and if I had it my way, as a blueberry marshmallow breakfast cereal.

Come join me at Izzard Ink, it’s eaZier than you think!

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