Our process offers the best of traditional publishing, while allowing authors to really own their project and personally select their own publishing team.

Years ago, when self publishing was becoming very popular, Tim McConnehey discovered the enormous potential of eBooks when he ran across an article in the Wall Street Journal. Shortly after, Tim was given the opportunity to help a widow repackage her deceased husband’s books for the digital marketplace. This experience led to the creation of Izzard Ink.

Self publishing opened up the once-exclusive publishing world to everyone. Today, there are over 22 million books on Amazon. But when authors with no publishing experience take on the entire process, crucial mistakes are made, flooding the market with low-quality work and causing bookstores and readers to push back against the homemade-looking self-published books that had suddenly appeared everywhere. Authors too were wary of the hazards of self publishing, and seeing their hard work appear amateurish and unappealing, lost among thousands of other books with the same problems.

It became clear to Tim that authors needed help bridging the gap between the quality of traditional publishing, and the freedom and control of self publishing. Through research by bestselling veteran publishing experts, and plenty of trial and error, we developed a collaborative publishing process that would work for a variety of authors, and catch some of the most frequent self-publishing mistakes before they happen.

We provide the tools and structure that traditional publishers use to achieve consistent quality. Authors retain all the perks of self publishing – namely control over decision-making and earnings – while benefiting from the input of the best talent in publishing.

This method has consistently proven itself through the success of our authors, whose achievements include multiple bestsellers and awards. One author even earned a coveted starred review from Publishers Weekly.


Tim McConnehey started Izzard Ink after leaving the hustle of corporate America and identifying the gap that existed between authors and quality self publishing. After absorbing everything he could about the process, he went on to create his own process, improving upon the current framework and adding a personalized element. The collaborative TEAM concept was born.

Tim understood that it was important to authors to maintain control of the process of getting their manuscript published, while still producing a quality product that they could take pride in and that would sell.

Tim enjoys helping talented authors achieve their publishing dreams, and in his spare time he enjoys restoring old cars and motorcycles and spending time with his wife and four active children.