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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Self-Publishing a Poetry Book

things to keep in mind when self-publishing a poetry book
Poetry is a beautiful, magical way to tell a story, express a feeling or convey a message. Even though many people today tell stories, express feelings and convey messages on Twitter or Facebook, at Izzard Ink, we believe there remains a hallowed place for poetry. If you want to self-publish a poetry book, we can help you.

1. Breaking into Poetry’s Upper Echelons

Those who write poetry may sometimes feel as if there is a hierarchy that they can’t break into. Poetry can have an erudite reputation, with those in the innermost circle passing swift — and sometimes harsh — judgment on others. But as you may have heard, such illustrious and celebrated poets as Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe achieved success only after their deaths. (Lesson: Don’t listen to the critics!) But do listen to our advice, because we have been helping authors self-publish poetry books for seven years with great success.

2. Poems Are Different

Poetry is unusual; it’s different from other types of writing because it’s so raw, honest and personal. Many book authors make a lot of money writing stories about what they (correctly) think others want to read about. If anyone sat down to write a poem about death or love or another topic without having experienced it firsthand and without being sufficiently moved, it would come across as empty and hollow. That being said, experiencing a feeling and expressing it eloquently are two different things that do not always go hand in hand. In essence, you can have feeling without poetry, but you can’t have poetry without feeling.

3. Help with Self-Publishing Poetry

How do you gain access to this elusive nexus? Not everyone can, and it’s a process, to be sure. But simply choosing to express yourself through poetry versus another creative outlet demonstrates your love for it, and that alone gives you a greater chance at success. What allows authors to take the critical step from writing poetry late at night in their bedrooms to reading it aloud to groups of fans gathered at bookstores? Guidance from experienced publishers who can help with editing, design, marketing and more. And while you can get this from a large publishing house, it isn’t easy to make the cut. Further, when you do, you must hand over control of your work to people whose main goal is to make money from it.

Self-Publishing Poetry with Izzard Ink

That’s not how it works at Izzard Ink. We sit down with you, look at your work and offer you helpful advice, including how to get started with marketing on social media, which is an avenue particularly well-suited for poetry. To learn more about how to get started self-publishing your poetry book, contact us today. You will never know how popular your book might be if you don’t try. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” — Shakespeare

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