10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook Front Cover

10 Secrets to a Bestseller

An Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing Workbook

Tim McConnehey

No matter what your publishing goals are, the 10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook will help you figure out where you are now and where you want to go next.

A companion to the comprehensive guide that’s helped thousands of authors find self-publishing clarity.

The world of self-publishing can be daunting at best, and completely overwhelming at worst. From navigating those early days of writing and editing your manuscript, to finding the most effective marketing strategies, there’s nothing simple about putting your book out into the world. And you don’t just want to put your book out, you want it to flourish. On your own, that may feel like a stressful guessing game, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be.

Wherever you are in the process, self-publishing veteran Tim McConnehey and his team of experts at Izzard Ink are here to help. Following along with McConnehey’s critically acclaimed guide, 10 Secrets to a Bestseller: An Author’s Guide to Self-Publishing, this workbook will help you take those crucial next steps toward success, walking you through the major tasks of self-publishing as you fill out detailed worksheets like “Do Your Research,” “Assemble Your Team,” and “Going to Retail.” You’ll end up with a personalized roadmap to your own project, and helpful strategies that you can revisit time and again throughout your publishing journey.

No matter what your publishing goals are, the 10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook will help you figure out where you are now and where you want to go next.

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Tim McConnehey

As a multifaceted publishing visionary, Tim McConnehey specializes in the publishing of e-books through his company, Izzard Ink Publishing. And when he says multifaceted, he means it! Tim directs eight teams covering every facet of publishing, including finance, distribution, marketing, website development, art, public relations, cover and interior design, audiobook production, editing, and copyright.

Through his background in corporate training, business management, and business development, McConnehey acquired extensive experience in client service. And as someone who is never satisfied with the status quo, he came up with the idea of creating Izzard Ink Publishing after reading an article about e-books in the Wall Street Journal.

Izzard Ink Publishing has now grown from that initial idea into a business that has sold over 300,000 books, with a client list that has sold over 45 million books combined—all accomplished by delivering exceptional personalized client service and working with the best people in publishing. Through McConnehey’s promotion and marketing of their books, Izzard Ink’s authors have been featured on Fox News, C-Span’s Book TVThe New York Times, the Washington Post, and other publications throughout the country.

McConnehey has a B.A. in International Business from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he lives with his wife Wendy and their four children. In his free time, he loves to restore old cars and motorcycles.


Dan Clark
Dan ClarkNew York Times bestselling author of The Art of Significance, National Speaker Association Hall of Fame
I have worked with the world’s leading multinational companies for my books, as well as managing my many speaking engagements. Izzard Ink’s consultation services were some of the best. I am especially grateful for the guidance with my website and social media marketing campaigns. Izzard Ink’s focus is on building authors and people. I would recommend Izzard Ink for any published or non-published author, regardless of the phase they are in the process.
Paul B. Skousen
Paul B. SkousenBestselling Author and Former White House CIA
I owe my friends at Izzard Ink a tremendous debt of gratitude. They walked me through self-publishing 101 and helped me turn my non-sellers into great sellers. One title was a bestseller on Amazon. Until I met Izzard, I didn’t know how little I knew about post-writing development to produce a polished, professional-looking book. They cared about making me a success. And where some prior efforts produced a couple of duds, they guided me to help so I could repair the flaws and try again. It was worth it. Highly recommend Izzard Ink. Sometimes you just need somebody who knows the way.
Diane Merrill Wigginton
Diane Merrill WiggintonAuthor and Owner of Jeweled Dagger Publishing
I am a self-publishing author/publisher and have had the best experience, bar none, with the Izzard Ink group. They are the best bunch of hard-working professionals that I have ever had the privilege of working with; I would recommend them to anyone looking to design a cover, create a beautiful interior, and I would recommend them for all your creative publishing needs. Tim McConnehey has held my hand through the entire process and answered my questions at all hours of the day and night. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Jewel P. Skousen
My husband, W. Cleon Skousen, wrote several books, including The Naked Communist and The Naked Capitalist. We were so happy when each of those became bestsellers. I was told that, at last count, those two books had sold more than two million copies combined. I’ve had Izzard Ink refresh five of Cleon’s books and all of them turned out crisp and new and attractive.
10 Secrets to a Bestseller Workbook Front Cover
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