Publishing Childrens Book Profitably

publishing childrens bookLike every great story, start out with a good idea and realistic goal.

  • What story are you going to tell?
  • What’s the outline?
  • Main character(s)?
  • Setting?

Work through this process and don’t get ahead of yourself and start drawing the art before the foundation is laid.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Pictures are important in children’s books. In fact children’s books are mostly pictures and in some cases, only pictures. This is why children’s books are sometimes called picture books.

Art is expensive and time consuming whether you do it yourself or not. For this reason lay your groundwork. Make sure you know exactly where you are going and what you want before beginning any art process.

Publishing Children’s Book Editing

Early on in the planning stage is also a great point in the children’s book publishing process to find an established children’s book editor.

One particular author we consulted with had a great idea for a book. It was a father/son story that came to her while she was writing a Father’s Day card from her one-year-old son to her husband. As she sat down to write she explained that the story just came up her. The initial story came rather easily and didn’t take long to complete, but it needed some refinement and editing.

At this point she called Izzard Ink to see what we could do. Working with her through the editing process refined her story so it came across just as she intended and envisioned. This is not an easy process but necessary. When you are dealing with so few words and easily distracted readers you need the message on every page to capture that attention.

When she was satisfied with the content she began working on the art. The author knew the style she wanted and in consultation with our art director, the vision started to take form. Not every author knows what type of art they want. This is how working with an art director can match the right story to the right artist. Art can take a very long time but the rewards are immensely gratifying.

When our author saw her final pages she was overwhelmed. As she said, the vision in her mind was now on paper and it was surreal.

Competition Publishing Childrens Book

Publishing a childrens book is competitive. Only 3 out of 15,000 books submitted to major publishers are ever chosen to move on. The statistics are overwhelming. However the publishers don’t always get it right. J. K. Rowlings and her first book of the Harry Potter series was rejected twelve times before it was finally picked up.

Dr. Seuss’s books were critiqued as being “too different” and were rejected numerous times.

Beatrix Potter and her story of Peter Rabbit was rejected so many times that she decided to self-publish 250 copies. It has now sold over 45 million.

What’s the common theme in these authors? They were all rejected! But that’s not the end of their story. They all knew they had good books that they wanted to share. The major publishing houses don’t always know what’s best and what will sell, but these authors believed in what they created and never gave up.

That is what Izzard Ink is about. It about authors who love their stories and want to share them. It’s an exciting process, start to shelf.

As Beatrix said, “There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.”

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