Isabella’s Heart

Isabella’s Heart, the follow up to, Angelina’s Secret, continues the saga of an English family as a determined young woman attempts to rescue her twin brother from a horrible fate, with the help of a blue-eyed Irish mercenary Captain.

Book Preview

Isabella’s Heart by Diane Merrill Wigginton

It is 1783 England and Isabella Deveraux is an independent, fearless woman who has hardened her heart to everyone for the past three years. She experiences a disturbing dream concerning her twin brother, Charlie. On the eve of their 19th birthday, Charlie and his schoolmates have been abducted by the devil, himself and Isabella resolves to do anything it takes to save him, even if that means reconciling with her estranged family and placing her faith and life in the hands of an intimating Irish mercenary.

Captain Aiden Townsend is more than willing to save the lives of three privileged schoolboys, for the Sailing his ship from England to Dublin with the beautiful, Lady Deveraux, aboard. He formulates a plan to help her, but if his plan is to work, he must break through the walls that surround her heart and tear down a few of his own.


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