Book Printing Services and More

Book printing services for self-publishers with Izzard Ink offers options and expertise while providing you, the author, the royalties and involvement that you only get with self-publishing. Our services are provided à la Carte to allow you to call the shots.

From only a custom cover to the complete package of copy and content editing, cover design and layout, to distribution and marketing, we have you covered.

What Can Izzard Ink Do For You?

Izzard Ink offers unique publishing options for author’s that bridges the gap between self-publishing and a major publishing house. Currently authors have two choices when it comes to publishing: Sift through the rejection letters and hope your book is signed to a major publisher or become self-published and try to navigate the book market place by yourself.

  • If your book is one of the select few published by a major publisher, is it in your best interest to turn over your book to their editors and designers?
  • Will they value your input in the editing and design process?
  • Will you be bound by lengthy contracts?
  • Who holds the copyright for the cover, manuscript and layout?
  • Is it worth taking a smaller royalty?
  • If you decide to self-publish how do you get started?
  • Will your book have the look at feel of being published by a major publisher?
  • Will you have the same distribution and audience exposure that a major publisher can provide?

Book Printing Services


Izzard Ink’s Art Director spent nine years as the Art Director for Random House. That experience will be utilized to design your custom paperback, hardback, eBook, or audiobook cover.

Want to decrease printing costs and maximize readability?

Izzard Ink can design the interior layout of your book. The best part is you will own the copyright to the cover and layout all while increasing your royalty share.

We also create business documents for company handbooks, non-profit literature and other organizations needing business document services.


Izzard Ink Publishing will guide you through copy and content editing process. Izzard Ink’s Chief Editor has ghost written over 100 books and is a freelance writer for The New York Times and Bloomberg News. While you ultimately decide the content of your book, we are happy to assist in guiding you to what would make your book’s content appealing to the widest readership possible.


Not every author needs five thousand copies of their book. Many corporations, organizations, schools, and families can take advantage of short run printing for books like company handbooks, family histories, or coffee table books. Learn book printing industry standards and how to get a handy reference sheet.


Izzard Ink offers eBook and print distribution with up to 39,000 retailers all over the world. Once the distribution network is in place, Izzard Ink offers helpful techniques to marketing your book. One method we utilize is limited editions of your book for special interest groups.

By utilizing Izzard Ink’s copy editing and design service your book is eligible to be published by Izzard Ink. This gives you access to the Izzard Ink’s Publishing logo, ISBN’s, book-landing page on and credibility with review agency’s and consumers.

Izzard Ink provides specialized services including revitalizing and updating author’s collections. We can also assist public figures and celebrities with ghostwriting, design and distribution.

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