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Self Publishing Books & Hévin’s Chocolate

Jean-Paul Hevin Chocolates
Self-publishing books should never be attempted without Jean-Paul Hévin. He is one of the greatest chocolatiers the world has ever seen. We tried just about everything his store delicately prepares. The best dark chocolate on the earth comes from his store. Hévin’s “Fleur de Sel Milk-Chocolate Lollipops” is one of our most sought-after indulgences and a great companion to every celebration or milestone. Part of the allure of Hévin’s chocolate is its extreme scarcity. It’s a marketing model that works very well for him. The question for publishers who love Hévin’s chocolate is this: Would this same distribution method work with books? Unlike the photos of Hévin’s beautiful confectionary creations, photos of books fail to trigger the same level of instant interest. For that reason, self-publishers need to look beyond just one avenue of appeal and consider as many as are available. That can take some creative thinking.

Self Publishing Books & Marketing

Authors self-publishing books sometimes step into traps that prevent them from expanding. For example, in their enthusiasm to get some attention from an established distributor or publisher, they often sign away their rights by granting exclusive authority to a third party all the control of marketing or distribution. Authors lock themselves out of other networks by granting third parties sole power over expansion. There are many options available when self-publishing books before turning to third parties. The goal is to make your book as easy to buy as possible, to make it available everywhere. Established distribution networks, search engine optimization for website sales, advertising locally and internationally, on-line video interviews or enactments, postings, and the list goes on. The lion’s share of an author’s success is found in expanded distribution. With Izzard Ink’s print distribution network your book is available at more than 39,000 bookstores all over the globe. Our eBook distribution network reaches more than 50 countries on select platforms.

International Distribution

True Stories from the Files of the FBI had surprising results in Australia. It was never intended to gain traction in that part of the world.  With those results, an advertising campaign was launched. The Naked Communist has proven month after month that the citizens in Brazil love this book. That has opened the door to a possible translation opportunity. Izzard Ink Publishing worked with an author to get his title translated and published in China, and this included satisfying the demands of the Communist Party of China censors. A distribution network of a single outlet or two does not give an author an advantage. A large distribution network is a key to opening avenues one might have never pursued. The advantage of self-publishing books today is that all the components for marketing and distribution are now at your fingertips. Izzard Ink can help you get there.

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