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Independent Book Publishers

ebook services
ebook services
Independent book publishers need to be aware of small issues that can lead to big problems. Take the design aspect. There is nothing wrong with self-taught designers provided they taught themselves well. And this is where all the problems lie. One author reports that he hired a family friend who had been quite successful at designing brochures, covers and various publication artwork for the family. She seemed like an easy choice. And true to those who endorsed her, the samples on her web page were outstanding. Unfortunately, there were cracks in the armor. About six months into the project, a very tiny detail sparked some concern. It was nothing more complicated than an image of a small paper clip. At issue was a tiny copyright symbol immediately above the paperclip. When confronted with the accusation of using copyright material, the designer countered with “you can’t copyright a paperclip”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, the image had been copyrighted. It was created by a photographer hired to capture paperclips in just that setting and lighting and angle. When the author looked more deeply into the source of the image, he found the exact image on the Internet in a stash of photos that were being offered for sale. All it took was a $15 license fee, and the designer could have compensated the copyright owner to use that particular image. This caused us to look into the other covers. We discovered another cover that was four copyright images blended together. Another cover had only used the lower left part of an image were the copyright symbol was not located. It was time to start over with all of the covers.

Liabilities For Independent Book Publishers

Finding trustworthy proven talent as independent book publishers are critical. What if it was never discovered until a copyright infringement claim was served to the author? The legal fees and fines alone would be enough to send an author packing. If this were not discovered before the press run every book would have had to be recalled. This single action by the designer could cause catastrophic harm to the release of the book and the reputation of the author. This lapse of judgment was done to save the designer about $15 for the cost to license the photo used. Was it worth it? When you decide to work with Izzard Ink Publishing you are aligning yourself with proven professionals with major publishing experience. Bypass many of the pitfalls of independent book publishers and work with a team that has proven success. Izzard Ink can also publish your book if you purchase a design, editing, and distribution package.

Business Options For Independent Book Publishers

Looking to create design-friendly business books, manuals or documents? Izzard Ink works with businesses to create attractive business materials. Izzard Ink will also work with other publishers that are looking to create a special book that will gain attention. Work with our design and editing team to create that signature book that will add creditably to your publishing company.

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