Neuroplasticity: Your Brain’s Superpower…provides a primer on brain structure and function in an accessible reader-friendly manner…consistent with an ever-expanding body of research attesting to the benefits of exercise and mindfulness and related forms of mental/brain training, Dr. Douyon reveals how these mind-body therapies work to foster neuroplasticity, preventively and for rehabilitation (providing hope for those who have been stricken by debilitating brain disease). Of special interest in this era of political unrest is a chapter on neurology of decision making, information processing and control and how cognition can play a central role in major societal events. This is a book that everyone should read, especially people who have always wondered about the brain and its mysteries. Dr. Douyon helps demystify the brain and neurological disorders; it provides hope and a way to exert influence over how one’s brain can be protected as well as healed.