Book Illustrator

Complete Your Self-Publishing Project with Expert Book Illustration Services

Capture your readers’ imaginations with stunning illustrations. Izzard Ink Publishing offers expert book illustration services designed for writers who want to self-publish their work.

We have a pool of professional book illustrators for hire who can help turn your vision into a reality. Whether you need page, cover or character illustrations, you can count on our illustrators to deliver incredible output. Choose an illustrator whose style is right for your book.

We start our book illustration services by learning about you, your work and your self-publishing goals. From there, we curate a list of illustrators we think are right for you. But the decision is yours; you get to handpick book illustrators for your team.

A few tips:

Good illustration should match the style of your book and enhance your story.

Find an illustrator that matches your style and vision, rather than trying to get an illustrator to adjust their style to fit yours.

You will need a good idea of what you want your book illustrations to look like – share styles, images, ideas, and what your vision is with your artist.

We can help you pick the right person, and help you find the balance between giving them structure and creative license.

Deciding what style of illustrations to use in your book is key to obtaining the right illustrator.

A good place to start is looking at examples of existing illustrations to see what might suit your book. Some styles are more cartoonish while others are more realistic.

Different styles of illustration have different completion times. If your illustrations are more complex, plan on a longer turnaround time. This will also affect the overall cost of the illustration services, depending on how much of the artist’s time you are paying for.

We are here to help!