Posted on February 9, 2015

Success Is Mastering Failure

It was December 2008. Life could not get any better. After two years of courting the woman of my dreams and finally marrying I had reached nirvana. We packed our bags and enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon in south Florida. Two weeks after arriving home I received a call from my boss. My job was no […]

Self-publishing books should never be attempted without Jean-Paul Hévin. He is one of the greatest chocolatiers the world has ever seen. We tried just about everything his store delicately prepares. The best dark chocolate on the earth comes from his store. Hévin’s “Fleur de Sel Milk-Chocolate Lollipops” is one of our most sought-after indulgences and a […]

Sometimes, you know you have something to say but may not know the best way to say it. Not everyone with ideas to share has the time or skills to express them in a way that will engage readers. In fact, those with the least time for writing are often those who could benefit the […]

Posted on January 30, 2015

My Horrible Book Publisher First Date

We recevied this from Paul, one of our Izzard Ink authors. He wanted to share his experience as you consider signing with a regional book publisher. I thought you would like to see why I like Izzard Ink Publishing. I had a relationship with my first publisher that went back to 2005. They really pumped […]

Posted on January 29, 2015

Book Publishing & Editor

A book publisher once asked, “Why are school textbooks so boring”? Answer: Facts tell, but stories sell. If you want a book that sells because people enjoy it, not because the government is paying for it to be in schools, then tell the best story you can. This includes editing it ruthlessly. A Book Publisher […]