Publishing Manager Tim McConnehey

TIM MCCONNEHEY is one of the original members of Izzard Ink Publishing.

Tim McConnehey began his career as a small business consultant and trainer. He spent many years traveling around the United States working with businesses to improve processes and efficiencies.

Tim’s entrance to the publishing market started one day in March 2011 while reading the Wall Street Journal. An article stated that the e-book market was expected to grow 20-30% within the coming year. At the time, this untapped market seemed to have some opportunity.

He sought out potential authors and the family of Dr. W. Cleon Skousen was interested. The situation of this family was unique in that the author, Dr. Skousen, had passed away several years prior but several of his books were still selling. The family had a desire to revitalize some of the books and make other books available in other mediums, and branch out into international distribution.

Tim took the project by the horns and made several of Dr. Skousen’s works available in the eBook market. Tim was also an important part in getting one of Dr. Skousen’s best selling books published in paperback in China.

In July 2014, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen’s book: The Naked Communist was mentioned on Fox News. This proved the process that Izzard Ink Publishing put in place for this particular book worked.  Tim has worked diligently to make sure the process would benefit other authors.

Tim has since expanded and has brought on other authors and has supported the growth of Izzard Ink.  He brought in major publishing talent to support authors of every variety.   Authors who have never published to authors with many published works can benefit by the talent assembled.

Tim’s unique talents for training and consulting has allowed him to assist a New York Times best-selling author to increase sales and online presence. He also regularly consults other authors on an as-requested basis to guide them through the market and process of publication. This kind of customized, hands-on experience is what has made Izzard Ink the success that it is today.

Tim received his Bachelors of Arts from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His major was International Business.  Tim lives with his wife and daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Tim reports to the Board of Directors for Izzard Ink Publishing.

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