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The idea of self publishing my book seemed to fit with the times. Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google Play, and Apple iTunes Store all have attractive marketing potential, so why not?

Attractive doesn’t always mean practical. Often means high maintenance to keep up appearances. Maybe you’re are born with it, maybe it’s your team. In most cases it going to be your team’s effort.

Here’s a look at some of the first steps learned as I launched out into self publishing my book.

Do You Have a Book Publishing Team?

Harnessing your abilities as an author and working with a gifted team of experts greatly enhances your potential for publishing success.

Much like winning a professional sporting championship or creating an award winning musical, success never rides on the shoulders of one person. You have a great story, idea, or content. That’s a start.

Self Publishing A Book With Editing

Finding storyline problems in a literary work is much like watching the receiver for your favorite football team drop the game winning touchdown pass.

Even worse is coming across grammatical errors. This is like the 13-year-old boy signing the signature song of a musical only to have his voice crack. The performance could have been flawless up until the pinnacle moment, but the audience will remember the embarrassment they felt for the performer instead of the countless other tunes that were sung without a hitch.

Plot holes and grammatical errors in manuscripts can end up being the focal point of an otherwise stellar work. Working with an experienced editor is the solution.

Self Publishing My Book With Design and Layout

book cover publishingWhat aspect of a musical gets people to pay top dollar to experience it live?

  • Sit in a theater to see a live show.
  • Pay a few dollars to download the track.

There is a big difference. It’s all the behind the scenes work that goes into a live production that makes it magical… the creative design.

The performers all look stunning. The set brings alive the content of the musical. The overall layout of the theater makes you feel part of the action.

Well designed book covers catch the eyes of readers and the immaculate interior layouts make them feel a part of your book. Do not overlook the design details that could leave readers with sore eyes, or worse, hiding your book on their shelf. Design a book that people will be proud to display and share with their friends.

Much like an award winning musical it takes more than just a catchy title and a few well-placed witty tunes to be successful. Izzard Ink can help you put your team together… the editing, designing, distribution, marketing and narration to have your next literary masterpiece not only published, but read.

With our experience working for you, it will be apparent very soon in the process that your team knows how to publish a book, your book, and get it into the hands of your readers.
Self publishing my book taught me a lot and I hope sharing my experience can help you.

Self Publishing My Book Design FAQs

Step 1: What Does A Free Consultation Include?
  • You tell us about your book and what you would like to see.
  • Izzard Ink helps you by giving you a few options of designers that might be good for your book.
  • Firm quote for your cover.
Step 2: What Is The Research and Design Development Process?
  • We gather all the information about your book in a form that is uploaded to the website. This form will be sent to the designer.
  • The designer starts researching your book and directly consults with you.
  • The designer goes to work creating up to three concepts.
Step 3: What Happens In The Design Stage?
  • You pick your final concept with the designer.
  • We make up to three minor revisions to make your cover what you want.
  • The spine and back cover will then be created.
Step 4: When Am I Published?
  • Review all aspects of your book cover and make sure everything is how you want.
  • Congratulations you are a published author.

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