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When self publishing a book, a new author may weather the publication process better if high expectations can be blended with reality from the very beginning. An example of this important consideration took place a few years ago.

An author approached Izzard Ink for some help on a manuscript that was based on current events. The book was meant to impact voting decisions for an election that was only five months away.

The author wanted the rough draft edited to perfection, several professional reviews completed, a cover designed, the layout completed, and the text ready for both print and eBook publication… all in just a couple of months.

From this hurry-up approach, the author expected instant national attention: popular radio commentators gushing over its prose and insightfulness, the main media picking up on it as a must-read for every voter, and emails to take it viral to hungry readers around the country.

Reality Check When Self Publishing A Book

Here is where Izzard Ink’s publishing manager worked carefully with the author to self publish a book with a more durable plan. A solid path forward would allow the time needed for that crisp professional look to be correctly developed. A look that would survive the seven second “first glance” test.

The publishing manager worked out a plan to avoid a bad misstep right out of the gate. She suggested changing the time of the events in the book so it would not be so dependent on the election just five months away. By doing this she believed the book would have a longer shelf life beyond that targeted election cycle. Doing it correctly the first time out, she advised, would make the most efficient use of resources, access, time and money.

The author felt strongly that the book would gain traction because of its subject matter, so he decided to move forward with self publishing a book for Kindle, an eBook version. After it got rolling then he would shop for a major publisher to distribute the printed version.

A few years have since transpired, and results were not what the author had hoped, nor in accordance with the counsel presented by Izzard ink’s publishing manager. Some lessons may be learned from this author’s miscalculation.

Relevance For The Long Term

At issue was the fact that the book in its original form was relevant for only a month leading up to the election. Voters are bombarded with information, and unless the author is already an established voice in the political discourse community, several million dollars in advertising is required to rise above the noise of so many other books and publications.

Preparation For Self Publishing A Book

The window of preparation time was so short that even if a national radio host had addressed the book as an important “read,” there was not enough time to actually produce the book in sufficient quantities to meet even a modest demand.

The greatest salesperson and marketer for any new book is the author. Izzard Ink relishes the enthusiasm that comes with someone’s difficult labor to produce a manuscript. Such creations, be they scholarly, fiction, poetry, picture-book, or a cookbook, are among the most creative exercises any person can do.

Self Publishing Legacy

Self publishing a book can give immortality to an author’s labor if the final product is worthy of sitting on a library or home bookshelf long after the author has passed. That’s where Izzard Ink Publishing comes in to play- to create that classic and timeless creation that is appealing not only by its content, but its look and feel.

It’s all part of helping the dreamers bring their visions to reality in a manner that doesn’t cut corners or look for shortcuts. Rather it is brought to life as professionally as possible. It’s part of helping new author’s weather the publication process in a realistic and enthusiastic way.

Izzard Ink works hard to be a writer’s best friend, especially for those who are considering self publishing a book.

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