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Foundation Building For Publishing A Book

Publishing a book is like constructing a building. Have you ever observed a multi-story structure being built?

The construction equipment moves in and they start digging a hole in the ground. That’s about all you see for what seems like forever. You drive by everyday and see… nothing.

Then one day you drive by and whoa! Where did that building come from? It seems like it went up overnight. Same with publishing a book.

Building your book’s foundation takes time and patience without much success to point at. But done well… bang! Your book’s sales take off.

Foundation For Publishing a Book

We all know the importance of building good foundations. So it is with publishing a book. Many authors overlook the publishing steps needed after the manuscript is written. Your manuscript is like the model of the building being built. To bring it to life where it becomes a book purchased and read by your audience, you will need to build a foundation.

Finding professional reviews is the foundational cornerstone for your book to find success and stability in the marketplace.

What Is a Professional Review?

These are the reviews that usually end up listed on the cover or inside flap a book. For example, The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen was mentioned on the Glenn Beck radio program. This is an ideal review because of the reach Glenn Beck has, like him or not. His many followers will purchase books based solely on his recommendation.

Of course this is a perfect review scenario but you must do your best to find qualified people give you professional reviews. There are over 3.2 million eBooks available on Amazon. What are the chances that one person is going to find your book and purchase it without a review?

Furthermore, most consumers only read reviews, with very few ever taking the time to give a review of their own. Some books sell over one hundred copies before any reviews are left. Give your book every advantage you can and seek out professional reviews.

How Do You Obtain Reviews?

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Publishing a Book | The Sky’s The Limit

In our consulting with authors, the biggest hurdle is learning that reviews are not only written to help the author but the reviewer as well.

With True Stories from the Files of the FBI, by W. Cleon Skousen a few of the crimes take place in Chicago. What if there is a business related to Chicago crime they would give a review for the book? A search was done to find a business related to the subject of the book.

Chicago Crime Tours was sought out for a review. Arrangements were made for a personal visit to give Mark Singer of Chicago Crime Tours a copy of the book. After Mark read the book he sent over an honest review of the book that is used in all the marketing materials.

Was giving a review a one sided deal for Mark Singer and Chicago Crime Tours? No. With every book that is sold, Chicago Crime Tours is listed on the back of the book which markets their business as well.

The same was true for the various retailer sites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Under the reviews section, their business name is also listed. Along with giving more creditably to True Stories from the Files of the FBI it also gives a lot of free advertising for Chicago Crime Tours. In addition, the information in the book could be used as additional information for their tours.

Always look for a win/win scenario. Put the interests of others ahead of your own. It will increase the odds of finding a great “partner” to promote your book. This approach can work with your personal and professional networks without leaving them feeling like you just want to use others for your own self-promotion.

These reviews will become a firm foundation for the over all process of publishing a book that gets sold and read by your audience.

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