Minibook publications are a step up in marketing from the more typical brochures and magazines.

On the outskirts of Cairo lies Manshiyat Naser or “Garbage City.” Almost 300,000 people live within its walls, which delineate an economy centered around the collection and recycling of the city’s trash.

While touring Garbage City years ago I distinctly remember the smell as we arrived. Imagine the pungent fumes of rotting trash in a city that often lacks running water and sewers. It was nothing short of horrid.

We spent half a day touring and saw dozens of families specializing in various kinds of trash that they daily sorted or recycled. After lunch we stopped at one of those little shops where the tour guide handed me a minibook that measured only 3.5”x5” and was only 70 pages long.   It explained how Garbage City was settled and told in greater detail the history of the area.

Throughout the years I have kept this minibook on my bookshelf. Why? It is a book, not just another pamphlet or brochure. People are more inclined to keep and refer back to a book than a trifold brochure.

What can a minibook do to help you as an author or your business? Minibooks are designed to be 3.5”x5” and less than 100 pages. They offer a great showcase for your book or business.

Minibooks for Authors

More and more we have seen authors preview a chapter or two from their books and give them away to prospective readers in the form of a minibook. This has proven to be an effective tool to capture the attention of readers with a free preview. It is a tested and proven method to help engage prospective buyers, the very reason why retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Apple use this approach. Allowing a free download from your website is also a good idea.

Minibooks for Business

A real estate agent wanted to find a different way to showcase her knowledge about the local housing market to her clients. She created a 50-page reference guide to help home buyers understand the basics of home buying. After a few months she realized the minibook was doing a great job of connecting with prospective clients. They were referring back to the book, saving both she and the clients many hours of “coming up to speed,” and her goal of helping them understand the home buying process was achieved. She even added an electronic copy to her website.

Staging what your business is about, being upfront, transparent, helpful, informative and sharing your knowledge with clients is just one of many tools that Izzard Ink is happy to help you develop. It’s how beginners become experts and experts become giants. Minibooks is just one more reason why Izzard Ink is the writer’s best friend in the publishing business.

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