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Frequently Asked Questions

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How am I paid?
You will be paid by check on a 120-day lag monthly. If the royalty is under $100 it will be applied to the next months check until $100 is reached.
How do I secure the copyright of my book? Do you have a copyright attorney I can work with?
Izzard Ink works with a very experience Intellectual Property Attorney that can file your copyright with the United States Copyright Office. This can be done for $450. The fee may vary if it is a more complex case. To be sure of the cost feel free to contact us for a firm quote.
I want my book at the Library of Congress. Can Izzard Ink make that happen?
Absolutely. Izzard Ink can assign your book a pre-control number from the Library of Congress. Once the book is printed Izzard Ink will mail the best version (hardback if available) of your book to the Library of Congress. There is a charge of $195 and you do not have to lift a finger to have your book at the Library of Congress.
I am a new author. Should I invest in a print run?
You can do what you think is best. We have found for new authors it is best to focus on the creation of your book then funneling money into a press run. It can cost thousands to do a print run.
What is print on demand publishing? What are the advantages?
Print on demand publishing is when a book is ordered then it is printed. This method really takes the guesswork out of planning how many books to print for a press run. It also always meets demand as we can print as many books are ordered. There is no shipping from the printer to distribution centers. It also saves money from book storage fees.
Can I do a press run with Izzard Ink?
Yes. Izzard Ink works directly with Ingram Distribution if you decide a press run is best for your book. Keep in mind there are additional storage fees that will apply.
Can I change my book once it goes to press?
If you have chosen print on demand publishing you can change the cover and manuscript. There is a $395 change fee for each print and eBook version.
Is there a referral program available for author's I refer to Izzard Ink?
Yes. Send us a message about the author you are referring. Then make sure the author lets us know as well who referred them. Once payment in full is received from the author and the projects are complete you will receive payment (taxes may apply) as outline below. For a 25% bonus redeem your referral bonus for Izzard Ink Publishing company credit.
  • Design--$50
  • Layout--$50
  • Editing--$50
  • Audiobook--$50
Do I own the copyright to my book, book cover, and audiobooks?
You own the copyright for everything created. You own the copyright to the cover, layout, content, and audiobook.
How involved in the book process am I?
You are the author and you have the final say on how your book will look. Keep in mind that our experts have many years of publishing experience and will do their best to make your project successful.
What is the mission statement of Izzard Ink Publishing?
Bring big publishing talent to all authors.
Do I have to take advantage of all of the services or can I just pick and choose?
You can pick and choose what services you want. If you want to be published by Izzard Ink Publishing, you will need to purchase at least a design package and have your book copy edited by an experienced editor.
How much do the different services cost?
All publishing projects are different. The cost will vary and so will your needs.
  • A basic eBook cover design starts at $1995.
  • Editing will vary by length.
  • Audiobooks are priced by length.
  • Distribution packages start at $495 and $1.00 per books sold.
Does Izzard Ink Publishing work with authors to publish fiction or non-fiction books?
Both. Izzard Ink Publishing will sit down with you and will make sure that our team has enough experience in your area you plan to publish in. What is the time frame to expect for each service? It all depends on the type of project you are undertaking.
  • Cover designs and layouts typically take 30-45 days.
  • Editing depends on the length of your book but average is 2-3 months.
  • Distribution takes about 30 days to get the proof approved and get the book in the distribution channels.
  • Audiobooks vary on the length of the book. Most are finished within 30-60 days.
  • Illustrations can take 30-45 days.
I have written several best selling books in the past. I hold the copyright and I am not bound by a publisher agreement. Can Izzard Ink Publishing help update my books and increase distribution?
Yes we can. We have helped authors update their books as well as increase their distribution outlets. It is a good idea to keep best-selling books looking fresh.
I have been a self-published author in the past. The book has sold well. Can Izzard Ink help increase distribution and design of my book?
Yes. We work well with books that have quality content. This option works well with self-published authors who have a following for their books. Izzard Ink can make sure your successful book is copy edited and has a great design and layout.
Will all of my books be designed, edited and printed in the United States?
Yes. We do not out source. Everything is done in the United States.
How come there are not more members on the Izzard Ink Publishing staff that design, edit, or narrate a book?
Izzard Ink Publishing uses a team of proven people. We have all worked together on the past on many projects. Izzard Ink Publishing established this method so you do not have to guess about the quality of work you will receive on your book projects.
Would Izzard Ink Publishing just do an hour or two of consulting with me?
Yes. In the past our Publishing Manager has consulted with a New York Times Best Selling author. We helped him get his social media outlets in order. We also went over the importance of setting up Amazon Author Central. If you just need consulting we can help.

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