Business document services create high quality documents for many types of organizations. The story of one corporate training analyst’s experience sheds light on best practices involved in business document design.

Business Document Services

“As a training analyst I was asked to write, edit, design and layout an online banking training manual. It would be used to teach credit union employees and credit union clients how to use their new online banking system. I wish we had hired professionals like Izzard Ink.”

“What were some of the biggest mistakes made and what could have been done to make the business document designs more appealing?”

Color Me Green

“The Director of Training loved the color that I fondly call: vomit green. This was made to be the prominent color approved for the cover. The director did not understand that getting people to read training manuals is an uphill battle. Why start out with a cover that is not appealing? After all, green book covers just do not sell.”

“Mistakes where made with the layout. If a professional would have done the layout the documents total page count could have been cut by at least 10%, looking less intimating.”

“Many business documents are used as a reference manual. However creating an index is something that is often forgotten.”

Other Media Overlooked

“There were also a few other key elements missing such as a searchable PDF document for easy computer access. EBooks and other electronic documents were not even offered.”

“What a competitive advantage it would have been for us to be able to send out an eBook and PDF document to the client?”

“The most embarrassing part was that the company had twenty other manuals just like this. Before showing up on-site for in person training all twenty-one manuals were mailed out with a spiral binding.”

“Why could these have not been bound books?”

“The other issue was the expense. Often times the total bill for printing the manuals would be $15,000 to $20,000. This was always passed on to the company. Thank goodness I was not having to justify to the billing department why they had to pay that amount!”

Izzard Ink Publishing has the best people in the industry ready to help your business design professional documents, manuals, print and eBooks, print promotions and any other type of publication your business needs.

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