In the past two to three year’s audiobooks have really taken off in terms of number of audiobooks sold. Currently, they are third in revenue by format behind print and eBooks. The biggest audiences are business professionals on the go.

A growing segment is elderly people who now have trouble seeing. As an author you want to cover every avenue possible. There are roughly 200,000 audiobooks for sale on versus 22 million print books on An Audio Book gives you yet another opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Finding An Audio Book Narrator

audio book narrator mark deakins
Narrator Mark Deakins
  • Where do you start to find a narrator?
  • What are the pitfalls an author could fall for?

In our case study we tried to find the right narrator for True Stories from the Files of the FBI by W. Cleon Skousen. It was a monumental task. We carved out an eight minute portion of the book and posted that for auditions.

We took auditions that ranged from $100-$400 per finished hour. The audition was up for 6 days over the July 4th holiday. We received over 100 applicants so then we got to work picking the narrator.

We listened to every single audition. I was amazed at many of the narrator’s rates that lacked prior experience. Not all expensive narrators have experience or the talent. Just because a narrator costs more, does not mean they are better, and vice versa.

Picking the right narrator will make or break your audio book. Izzard Ink can help you navigate that process so you get experienced narrators that know how to preform. Mark Deakins is one of the best we have as he has narrated many audiobooks for Random House. He also is a voice for Porsche. We can help you find the right voice for your book.

Some authors who might want to save a bit of money and read the book themselves. Or, they feel that they can read a book better than a professional. Rarely is it a good idea to have authors read their own book. Sometimes celebrities can get away with it, but even this isn’t always a good idea. The key is finding the right voice, the right personality, the right tone, the right everything to make your audio book come alive.

Audio Book for Advertising

Another use for the audio book segments that authors have found successful is using artwork from the book to post a clip to YouTube. It also works great for a book video introduction as well. This is a great teaser for social media and other marketing.

Audio Book FAQ’s

How do I get a hold of your editor?
Send us a message detailing what you are looking for and we will have our editor contact you shortly.
As an author can I narrate my own book?
It is highly suggested that you secure a professional narrator as they have shown to have better results. But you can narrate your own audiobook.
What is the rate for audiobooks?
The rate varies by the length of your book. Audiobooks are also billed by per finished hour.
What does per finished hour mean?
Per finished hour means is the rate for the total production length. For example if your book is three hours then you pay for three hours of narration time. It can take anywhere from 4-6 hours of time to create one finished hour of narration.
What is the process that goes into the narration of an audiobook?
  • Preparation-The narrator reads over the manuscript.
  • Planning-The outline is formed on how your book will be performed.
  • Production-Your book is read and recorded.
  • Perfected-The narration is edited.
  • Proofed-The narration is proofed to make sure no words are missed.

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