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Book Publishing For Self Publishers

Book publishing for authors is the business end of things. Whether you’re trying to make a living or simply want others to benefit from your writing, your book will need to be published.

Self Publishing

  • Want to be a published author?
  • How do you navigate self-publishing?
  • How do you find a team to work on your book with major publishing experience?

Izzard Ink Publishing exists to give you options for self-publishing as well as for already published authors. Our mission is to bring proven big publishing talent to self-publishers.

Big Book Publishing Experience

A self-publisher’s greatest challenge is finding book publishing industry connections to experienced and successful talent. Izzard Ink Publishing offers authors access to top book publishing talent in the world.

Izzard Ink gives authors the ability to have their book published and read as if it was from a major publisher. Give your book all of advantages of being published by a major publisher and keep a larger royalty percentage.

Custom Book Publishing Services


Personal Book Publishing Consultant

Every package purchased through Izzard Ink includes a 45-minute consultation with a Publishing Manager. The consultation is designed to help you understand what techniques will give your book the best chance of success. Your Publishing Manager will be your personal point of contact throughout the entire process and will manage your project.

In addition to the personal interaction you will receive, all of the Izzard Ink team has worked together on multiple projects and have a proven track record.

Who Is Izzard Ink Publishing?

How do authors find the best people in the publishing industry to assist in the creation of their book? Work with Izzard Ink Publishing. You call the shots and you keep the copyright. If you need help with a book cover design or editing, Izzard Ink can help you. What if you want to be an author but you do not have time to write a book? Izzard Ink Publishing can help you with the entire publishing process even finding a ghostwriter for your project.

Make your book stand out by using proven professionals to design, edit, narrate, market and distribute your book. It is our mission is to connect self-published authors to the best talent used by the major Big 5 publishers.

How Can You Be A Published Author?

If you want to be a published author Izzard Ink will help you bypass all the rejection letters and get your book published. To be a published author, you first would purchase a Publishing Package. It includes a professional cover design, interior book layout, editing and distribution for your book. Creating quality content, an appealing book design and making your book available to 39,000 bookstores gives your book the best chance to succeed.

Additional Book Publishing Services


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